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Anti-Aging Pack

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Some people take carnitine pills because their bodies, for whatever reason, do not produce enough of the nutrient. Among its other benefits, several studies suggest that carnitine helps reduce the symptoms of angina, a medical condition in which a lack of blood to the heart causes severe chest pains [source: University of Maryland Medical Research Center].

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a type of carnitine. It has been touted as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease and as an anti-aging supplement because it improves memory function. Carnitine is also used to help relieve depression related to senility and dementia. Several studies suggest that L-carnitine supplements may increase sperm count in men, too [source: University of Maryland Medical Research Center].

Womens Hormone Balance-

A Natural Balance Formula!

*Hormonal Balances are common in women of all ages! If you have HOT FLASHES! Please purchase this!

Recent client said she tried everything online and in stores. Even tried what her doctor recommended. Her hot flashes did not go away until she tried our hormone balance. She did one month and never had another hot flashes again! We’re keeping our fingers crossed!


  1. *Boost Sex Drive
  2. *Reduce/Minimize Hot Flashes
  3. *Helps Mood Changes *Promote Weight Loss
  4. *Increase Energy/Concentration
  5. *Reduce Stress
  6. *Anti-Aging & Disease Combating Benefits
  7. *Minimize Menstrual Cramps




  *Decrease Belly Bloating. One client describes seeing corn in her waste in which she had not eaten in over 3 months! This detox really cleans you out! Most clients report using the detox at night, as directed and eliminating excess waste in the morning. Most clients do not report running to the bathroom all day. Most clients experience increased bowels one to two times a day. (results may vary) One package contains: 10 Gel caps & 5 Tea bags.


Triple Threat- 

*Appetite Suppressant- Reduce Appetite & Cravings

*Energy Booster- Without the crash

*Fat Burner- Great if you want to lose Inches and your tummy quicker
*Finally an all natural supplement that actually WORKS! Made by our FDA approved Pharmacy our Triple Threat was developed to make living healthier and achieving your goals so much easier.
  • 100% ORGANIC PLANT BASED Vitamins straight to your door
  • All Natural Vegan Non GMO  Soy Free Gluten Free