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Fat Attackers Advanced Pack

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Burn stomach fat in your sleep! 

This kit includes our stomach fat burner plus our famous Triple Threat and to top it all off you get a FREE 5 Day Detox and weight loss teas to last you for the rest of the month.

1. Bella Body Fat Attackers Supplement #1

2. Bella Body Fat Attackers Supplement #2

3. Bella Body Triple Threat- (Appetite/Fat Burn/Natural Energy)

4. 5 Day Detox - Flat Stomach 

5. Weight Loss Teas for the rest of the month plus maintenance of a clean digestive system, flat stomach and takes cat of your stomach bloat.


EXCLUSIVE Fat Attackers all natural pharmaceutical grade supplement comes with AM and PM. This unique combination is cleverly designed to focus on stomach/belly fat. Taking at night you literally BURN STOMACH FAT IN YOUR SLEEP.

If you want to burn visceral fat which is fat around the stomach or abdominal organs this kit is for you.


With this kit you also get our famous one of a kind Triple Threat for Appetite/Fat Burn/Natural Energy/Increase Mood.


With this one in a lifetime combination your sure to reach your wellness goal as well as flat stomach goals. 


We recommend following our Bella Cache’ meal plan and detox for best results.

In Center Service add on can be a Battle of the Bulge stomach flattening session.  

Results will vary based on elasticity of skin and starting measurements. Most get results after very 1st session.