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Fat Attackers Ultimate Kit

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✨Welcome to our BEST SELLER✨
Burn stomach fat in your sleep plus our Triple Threat to control your appetite an all natural, give you all natural energy and snatch your waist like Nurse Jacque! 

INCLUDES Everything below:

1. Bella Body Fat Attackers Supplement #1 (Burn Fat in your sleep)

2. Bella Body Fat Attackers Supplement #2 (Double Fat Burner to burn more stomach fat in your sleep)

3. Bella Body Triple Threat- (Appetite/Fat Burn/Natural Energy)

4. 5 Day Detox - Flat Stomach, get rid of bloating and rid your body of toxins with our all natural detox. 

5. Weight Loss Teas : This box of teas you will complete after you finish your 5 day detox. Make tea and drink before bedtime. These will be your maintenance teas to maintain a clean digestive system, flat stomach and stomach bloating. 

FREE Self Care Spa Pack INCLUDED

6. Fat Burning Balm- Apply directly to areas of stubborn fat. (contains Amino Acids to increase fat burn and vitamins to firm skin)

7. InfraRed Sweat Blanket : Apply Fat Burning Balm and sweat at home like you just worked out. Removes excess fluid, water and sweat out toxins from the skin and body.

 ****This is the only kit that includes a Nurse Jacque FREE Meal plan and instructions.

EXCLUSIVE Fat Attackers all natural pharmaceutical grade supplement comes with 2 bottles (Part #1 and Part #2. This unique combination is cleverly designed to focus on stomach/belly fat. 

If you want to burn visceral fat which is fat around the stomach or abdominal organs this kit is for you.


*In Center Service add on Mesotherapy Treatmemt and Battle of the Bulge.

Call/Text Nurse Jacque with questions: 240-654-0065