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Bikini Body Kit: Fat Burner Edition

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Burn stomach fat in your sleep plus our #1 Seller Fat/Carb Eraser! Where you can eat fat/carbs and watch them be ERASED right out of your BODY!

INCLUDES Everything you need to burn fat, lots of inches and keep it off! 

1. Lipotropic Capsules:  Increase Fat Loss! Increase Weight Loss! All natural, no caffeine! Decreases cholesterol and fatty liver.

2. Fat/Carb Eraser: 

Increase Fat Loss! Increase Weight Loss! As we eat carbs and sugars take the Fat/Carb Eraser 30 minutes before and this magic pill will make sure it doesn’t store as fat. Remember even healthy foods have sugars. 

3. 5 Day Detox - Flatter Stomach! Get rid of bloating and rid your body of unwanted toxins with our all natural detox. 
Supplemental Facts: water, kosher gelatin, senna leaves, cascara sagrada and special all natural detoxifying blend

 ***If you want to burn visceral fat which is fat around the stomach or abdominal organs this kit addresses that goal.

Healthy Tip:   Drink lots of water. Divide your weight by 2. The answer you get is how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day. If you can drink more than that’s even better.

*Upgrade to our Bawdy Snatcher Kit if your having sweets cravings. Search “Bawdy Snatcher Kit” from our home page. 

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