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Weight Gain Kit: To achieve the Body you desire

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Tested Tried and True our Weight Gain Kit is what you need if you want to increase your weight and maintain a flatter stomach. 

Our Weight Gain Kit Includes our very own:

1. Bella Body Amino Acids: Our Exclusive Formula is made by our FDA approved pharmacy with high quality aminos. Gain muscle, not fat. This kit will assist to build the body you want.

2. Creatinine: An essential all natural amino acid used to build and maintain muscle mass. The goals is to build the body you want and not fat.

3. Detox Teas: If you want to gain weight and maintain a flat stomach, this kit is for you. Our Detox Teas in this kit will make sure food does not stay in your digestive system. It will remove toxins, decrease bloating and assist your stomach to stay flat throughout.


You will also receive:

1. A weight gain meal plan

2. Exercise Recommendations 

3. What to eat guide