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Triple Pack + B12 drops

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Focus on keeping the stomach flatter, waist in and curves curvy.

Includes our:

  1. Triple Threat- Appetite/Energy/Fat Burn
  2. Lipotropic Capsules- Double Fat Burner and healthy liver support
  3. Fat/Carb Eraser- Take one small capsule before eating a high fat/carb meal like chips, candy, cake, rice and our fat/carb eraser will push it through your body like it never existed.
  4. B12 Drops-Use daily or as needed for quick energy and increase in metabolism. 1-2 drops a day is all you need.

This Kit is for you if you want to get healthier an all natural while reducing weight, increasing energy without jitters. Safer for those with hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. 

                       ALL NATURAL * NON GMO * SOY FREE * GLUTEN FREE