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Bella Detox (5 Day Cleanse)

Bella Detox (5 Day Cleanse)

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Bella Body DeTox (5 Day All Natural Detox System)


Our clients lose up to 10 pounds of waste and toxins in just 5 days! 

*Decrease Belly Bloating. One client describes seeing corn in her waste in which she had not eaten in over 3 months! This detox really cleans you out! Most clients report using the detox at night, as directed and eliminating excess waste in the morning. Most clients do not report running to the bathroom all day. Most clients experience increased bowels one to two times a day. (results may vary) One package contains: 10 Gel caps & 5 Tea bags.

Directions: Take 2 (Two) capsules with 8 ounces of water or more with last meal of the day or your dinner. Then drink tea after taking pills. Tastes like unsweetened tea. Can add lemon no sugar.


Supplemental Facts: water, kosher gelatin, senna leaves, cascara sagrada and special all natural detoxifying blend


Water: Recommended to drink lots of water. Divide your weight in pounds by 2. The answer you get is the amount of water you should drink per day in ounces.


Check with your Physician prior to starting any weight loss or wellness program.


This product is not meant to treat and/or diagnose any medical condition. Not reccommended for children, pregnant or those who are nursing.

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