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Fat/Carb Erasers

Fat/Carb Erasers

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We like to call this product: Eat it and forget about it!

Fat/Carb Erasers allow you to eat fat and carbs (sugars) without it storing as fat in the body.

With our plant based all natural formula we use this product in several ways.

Nurse Jacque recommendeds Fat Carb Erasers when:

  • You need some assistance getting your eating under control. You can take just one capsule daily.
  • Holidays/Birthdays/Cookouts/Specials Occassions or just a night out. Take just one capsule on your way out the door or 30 minutes to an hour prior to eating.
  • When you know you will have a piece of cake/candy/bread/fried foods or something you probably should not be eating. Take just one capsule 30 minutes to an hour prior.

Use daily until you get your cravings/eating under control. Pair with out Pharmaceutical grade Chromium to assist with sugar cravings.

After you get your eating under control keep a bottle handy and use as needed. 

Drink with one bottle of water. Follow our Bella Cache’ meal plan. Exercise is not mandatory yet recommended.


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