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Mens Pack w/ Testosterone Benefits

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Male Benefits Combined for the best 6 Pack and over all health benefits including decreasing risk of some of the #1 causes if cancer, decreasing blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular diseases :

  1. D-Aspartic Acid is a natural amino acid that can boost low testosterone levels
    • Research suggests this contributes to male sexual health and development, fertility, muscle growth and fat loss.
  2. L- Carnitine: REDUCES FAT!
    1. Reduce VISCERAL FAT also know as BELLY FAT! Reduces fat around your vital organs that may lead to chronic iliness
    2. Improves sexual dysfunction, decrease depression, increase energy
  3. Fat Burning & Energy Proprietary Blend
  4. Ginger Root:
    1. Enhance and protect testosterone production
    2. Helps fight blood pressure
    3. Helps fight chronic disease
    4. Helps fights heart disease

All of our products are produced by an FDA approved Pharmacy! Tried true and tested for 100% all natural, plant based ingredients to get our Male Clients and Customers RESULTS!

KIT Contents:

  2. Lipotropic Capsules
  3. Detox (5 days only)

MEN get ready for the Body you deserve with our Men's Kit


Questions: How long will my kit last?

Answer: 1-2 months depending on use.

Question: If I have high blood pressure or diabetes are these vitamins safe for me?

Answer: YES. Our supplements are plant based without any harmful chemicals added. Also vegan friendly with plants, vegetables and all natural amino acids to help burn visceral fat (belly fat). Also assists to increase testosterone levels that decline as men age.