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Can you do Mesotherapy at home? YES!

I can train and coach you through it.

Our #Subscription program is set up to where I can ship out your monthly materials to do at home treatments on yourself!

Now that’s what I call SELF CARE!

Mesotherapy, Created by French is all natural and plant based. Once applied Mesotherapy immediately begins to  breakdown and dissolve fat cells.

As fat cells are dissolved, they are eliminated naturally through your lymphatic drainage system. Lymphatic Drainage system is how our body gets rid of waste. Waste is excreted or elicited thorough sweat, urine and having bowel movements.

How it works: Measure your treatment area, apply numbing cream and administer. (Numbing cream available for purchase)

  • Prep Time: 20 min
  • Treatment time: 30 min 
  • Can treat: Stomach, waist, flanks, back rolls, thighs, arms

How to administer: 
1. Make sure to take before pics in a well lit area
2. Mark area to be treated making a small dot or circle ⭕️ one inch apart from each other. Inject 1mm per dot.

3. Multiple sessions may be required for best results. Minimum 4 sessions recommended at 2 weeks apart. _________________________________________________
If you’re interested in learning how to do your own treatments at home sign up for our monthly subscription!


* How Many Kits do I need to order: 

1 Kit = 1 session and one area to be treated
2 Kits = 2 sessions or 2 areas to be treated 
3 Kits = 3 sessions or 3 areas to be treated
4 Kits = 4 sessions or 4 areas to be treated

* What Body areas can I treat?

  • Stomach
  • Flanks
  • Waist
  • Back Rolls
  • Thighs
  • Arms

* When will I start to see results?                   IMMEDIATELY after administration 

* How long will results last?                              Permanently 

* Are aftercare instructions given?                                 Yes

Can I order online and give to myself or have someone else assist me at home?                                   Yes it’s like giving insulin

*Can I get this done at Bella Cache’ Wellness Center? 
Yes you can order online and then schedule an in person appointment on our website for our staff to do the treatment for you

Do you accept payments or payment plans?                       Yes choose Zip 4 installment pay during checkout. We accept FSA/HSA insurance cards as well.