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Mesotherapy, Created by French is a all natural plant based injection that goes directly into the fat layers to immediately begin to dissolve , breakdown and melt away fat cells.

As fat cells are dissolved, they are eliminated naturally through your lymphatic drainage system.

Lymphatic Drainage system is how our body gets rid of waste. Waste is excreted or elicited thorough sweat, urine and having bowel movements.

It’s very important to follow the after care instructions given for the best results.

How it works: Measure your treatment area, apply numbing cream (available on our site)
*Instructions included: 1” apart with a marker

3 syringes per treatment area 

Time: Approximately 30-45 min
Places acceptable for injection: Stomach, waist, flanks, back rolls, thighs, arms, chin
Directions: Included in Kit
Inject 1mm every 1” of area being treated
1. Get Waist measurement
2. Mark area to be treated making a small dot or circle ⭕️ one inch apart from each other. Inject 1mm per dot.

3. Multiple sessions may be required for best results. Minimum 4 sessions required.

4. After Care Instructions Included

*Please consult with your physician prior to beginning any weight loss program

Schedule 30 min virtual consultation if need additional assistance or if you have questions

Areas to be treated:
1 Treatment Area = 1 Kit
2 Treatment Areas = 2 Kits
3 Treatment Areas = 3 Kits
4 Treatment Areas= 4 Kits

*Home Kit Available for purchase with numbing cream, skin marker and virtual consultation before, during and after session. 

*During checkout please indicate whether you would like a kit for home use or if you would like to purchase online and have administered in our office.